Sunday, July 29, 2012

My daughter's wedding

I was at my daughter's wedding yesterday.  There is something about weddings-- both new and nostalgic.  It made me visit the past.  Pictures of that precious little girl growing up, scrapes, kissed boo-boos, dancing in pajamas, cooking pancakes, naming the chickens, prom and graduation, overseas in the military, college, etc.  So many memories flashed before me while watching her up there vow to give her life to some guy I barely know.  I tried not to cry but failed.  Though we all wish the best for our children, it is a sad fact that we love it when the "need" us.  And now she will no longer need me.  Now she will need him.  My role, once again, has morphed into something else.  Life is a funny thing.  Just when you think you know the rules and are comfortable with who you are and what your role it... it changes into something else.  I'm not sure I'm comfortable with my new role.  But just as before, I will learn to like it.  The wedding also made me remember my own wedding so long ago.  I wonder if my mother felt some of these same things.  I think I know why she cried that day.  I think I begin to understand a lot of things.  Too bad I wasn't so wise long ago.